Sizes and Styles

Here is a few sizes and styles that are available so far.  If there is something you don’t see, just ask.  We are always tweaking and changing things and love input for your next net.

Elk Creek

A simple medium sized creek net.  Small enough to bushwack and hike but large enough to catch those 18+” beauties.

Montana Guide net

Originally made for a guide in Montana, this is a great all around medium size net.  I’ve used this style out of canoes, kayaks, and wading.  Fits well in a holster or a sling pack.  Large enough for some really nice sized fish (20″ +)  I working on different handles shapes as I continue to build these.  These have become pretty popular for those wanting a longer handle net.

Knapp Creek

Knapp creek is another smaller trout net with a slightly different shape.  It is large enough to capture and revive some nice sized fish as well as catch and release the smaller ones without having to handle them.  Again, handle shapes can be adjusted and worked on to fit your needs.  This will be the next net in my line up to be made.