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I specialize in custom made, personalized nets, however, I do have ready made nets available.  There are several size, shape and lengths of nets that I have put into categories. Each Net pictured is the exact net that will be shipped out.  There may be some that look identical but they do have their own qualities. If there is something you like but want in a different size or shape let me know and we can discuss making you exactly what you want and need for your situation.  

Elk Creek Series

This is a perfect size for the all around wading net.  Small enough to bush wack with and large enough if you came across the occasional nice sized fish.  The O.A. length is 23 1/4″, 10 5/8″ wide, the hoop is 15 1/4″ long and the handle is 8″.  

Mill Creek Series

One of the more popular nets.  A great wading net from smaller creeks to larger rivers.  Designed not to slip out of your hand.  It should handle 18 – 20″ fish with ease.  It features a length of 25″ O.A., with a 16″ x 9″ hoop.  

Knapp Creek Series

Another version of a wading net with a little wider opening and slight square shape.  A classic beauty. 

Otter Creek Series

These beautiful Brookie sized nets are a perfect light weight companion in the brushy headwaters or packing in while hiking.  

Medium Length Series

This is a popular sized net for not only wade fisherman but also is a great sized net for kayak/canoe fishing.  Light enough to wade with and large enough to handle bigger fish that will come your way.  The handle length is 18″ (as with all other nets, it can be customized) and the hoop is 18″ x 13″.  It regularly comes with a 14″ deep bag but deeper bags are available.  

Willow Creek Series

This design was created due to the overwhelming question “Can you make a longer handle…”  Yes I can!  This net featers a slimmer hoop (16 1/4″ X 9″) than the medium net.  The handle is 18″ in length.  This makes a great all around trout net when a longer reach is needed.

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